Command line interfaceΒΆ

Here isthe help you get by typing campbot in you command line tool :

CampBot, Python bot framework for

  campbot check_rc <days> [--login=<login>] [--password=<password>] [--delay=<seconds>] [--batch]
  campbot clean <url_or_file> <langs> [--login=<login>] [--password=<password>] [--delay=<seconds>] [--batch] [--bbcode]
  campbot contribs [--out=<filename>] [--starts=<start_date>] [--ends=<end_date>] [--delay=<seconds>]
  campbot export <url> [--out=<filename>] [--delay=<seconds>]

  --login=<login>           Bot login
  --password=<password>     Bot password
  --batch                   Batch mode, means that no confirmation is required before saving
                            Use very carefully!
  --delay=<seconds>         Minimum delay between each request. Default : 3 seconds
  --bbcode                  Clean old BBCode in markdown
  --out=<filename>          Output file name. Default value will depend on process

  check_rc      Check (and clean) recent changes.
  clean         Clean documents.
                <url_or_file> is like, or, simplier, routes#a=523281.
                filename is also accepted, and must be like :
                123 | r
                456 | w
                <langs> is comma-separated lang identifiers, like fr,de for french and german.
  contribs      Export all contribution in a CSV file. <start_date> and <end_date> are like 2018-05-12
  export        Export all documents in a CSV file.
                <url> is like, or, simplier, outings#u=2