Get documents

Here is a code that load every single documents based on a filter. Corresponding Camptocamp URL is

from campbot import CampBot

bot = CampBot(use_demo=True)

# Let get all routes inside area 14405 (French Jura),
# AND where activity is rock_climbing OR mountain_climbing

filters = {
    "a": 14405,
    "act":["rock_climbing", "mountain_climbing"]

for route in
    print(route) object has also theese functions :



Due to Camptcamp database limitations, you won’t be able to load more than 10,000 documents with this method. Please use a more precise filter if you need to crawl a big amount of data. On the other hand, it should be more efficient to ask to Camptocamp associtation a static dump if you need to download a consequent part of C2C data.