Update a locale field

This script will update remarks field. Note the coding header, if you’re in Python 2.7, and your update contains special characters

# coding: utf-8

import sys
from campbot import CampBot

bot = CampBot()
bot.login("botname", "botpass")

remarks="!! VTNO rocks!"
update_comment = "Remarque gestion par VTNO"

filters = {
    "w": 107049,

for route in bot.wiki.get_routes(filters):
    locale = route.get_locale("fr")

    if locale: # document may have not fr locale : skip it.
        if not locale.remarks: # remarks is none, or empty string
            locale.remarks = remarks

        elif "VTNO" not in locale.remarks:
            # We consider that if remarks field still containes "VTNO",
            # then locale is still processed
            locale.remarks = locale.remarks + "\n\n" + remarks